Monday, February 21, 2011

A Sad Farewell

By Lou Wildman

As most of you know, the Kroschel and Wilson families met with a tragic accident Sabbath afternoon on the way to La Pine for the second concert of the day with the Salem Adventist Men's Chorus.

It is with great pain and sadness that I report we have lost our beloved brother, Herb Kroschel. At the request of the family and on the recommendation of the medical staff, his life support was removed earlier today.

You will all want to know how the others are doing.

Peggy is grateful for your continued prayers and support. She had an injury to her back. The doctors performed surgery to stabilize it and were pleased with the results.

Pierce has a broken arm and Harrison is under observation for a bruised spleen. The doctors are confident of their recovery.

Leland, Tami and Trent were released from the hospital late Saturday night and are all experiencing significant muscular-skeletal pain and discomfort.

My heart is very heavy tonight. I trust God to show us the light, and as He does, I am prepared to stay the course.


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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Local news report of Saturday's accident

Hwy. 97 Crash Injures 8, One Critically
Three-Vehicle Crash Near Sunriver Ties Up Traffic

OAMC News Notes first posting of this accident here.

Urgent Call To Prayer - OAMC/Salem men's chorus accident yesterday in Central OR

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Please pray for Herb and Peggy Kroschell and their two boys, Pierce and Harrison. They and the Leland Wilson family were involved in a traumatic auto accident yesterday afternoon while traveling between concert engagements at Bend and La Pine, OR.

The lead vehicle, the Suzuki Samurai the Kroschell's were traveling in was hit by a pick-up truck traveling in the opposite direction, and tumbled down an embankment estimated at 25-30 feet. The compact SUV the Wilsons were in was also struck. The four Kroschell's and four Wilsons, Leland, Tami and Trenton, were transported to S. Charles Medical Center in Bend.

Herb was the most critically injured. This morning Lou Wildman reported that it's looking rather grim for Herb and is in most urgent need of prayer. Peggy was scheduled for surgery this morning to have rods inserted into her back. The boys appear to be doing fairly well.

Please join us in prayer as we ask God's intercession in the lives of our precious brothers and sisters. Please invite others to join us in prayer as well, and share this posting.

Please post your prayers, thoughts and well wishes on our Facebook page.

Here is the email note Lou sent to members late yesterday:

Dear OAMC Family,


At about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, the Salem Adventist Mens Chorus was on the way to La Pine, Oregon for a concert, after singing for church at Bend. The temperature had been below freezing all day, and a light snow was falling.

Just past the exit to Sunriver (about halfway between the two cities), Highway 97 goes down a hill. Herb & Peggy Kroschel and their young sons, Pierce and Harrison, were leading in a Samurai, and Leland, Tami, and Trenton Wilson were following in a compact SUV.

A light pickup from California, with summer tires, lost control as it was headed up the hill (northbound). It spun out and slammed broadside into both the Kroschel and Wilson vehicles, instantly launching the Samurai up and over the guard rail and into the ravine (our guess is at least 25-30 feet below).

At the time of the accident, Bonnie Stathem was on the phone with the Wilsons when she heard the impact and screaming. The Wilsons told Bonnie what had happened, and she called 911.

Herb is the most seriously injured, and is currently in surgery. Peggy may also have sustained serious injuries. Our understanding is that the two boys and the Wilsons are less seriously injured, but all are still being evaluated. We will send more information when we have it.

All seven were transported to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend.

We are hurting. We are strong in faith. Please join us as we hold up these families in prayer.