Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Kharkiv Saturday concert report

Denny Nutter sends this report of the June 10, Saturday evening concert in Kharkiv:

We returned to the concert hall where we had been for the morning convocation, this time with the orchestra. The concert was terrific, much improved over the evening prior, which must have been encouraging to our director, Ben Purvis!

An interesting feature to this concert is that the concert hall sits on top the subway line, and every so often throughout the day, and concert, one hears a low rumbling that gets louder before it passes. Sometimes it came at a perfect spot adding to the musical crescendo we were building, other times, not so much as during the musical version of The Lord's Prayer!

MC's for the program are Kseniya and Yuriy, who is a professional actor, Now, Director of the Ukraine Hope Channel, and Children's program. They are both excellent at what they do.

The audience seemed very pleased and many came up to the singers after the concert and expressed their appreciation. It was wonderful to see all of the interaction in small groups as many of the Ukrainians had questions to ask and used it as an opportunity to practice their English. God certainly blessed.

After the concert, the tradition is to once again feed the group. This time we were taken to a restaurant similar to the cafeteria we went to in Kiev on Tuesday of last week. Rather than take the time to scatter and choose particular items, we were escorted to the third floor for a plated meal, which was much more time efficient.

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