Friday, June 16, 2017

Travel day Wednesday, Thursday rest day

Here's a report from Bert Logan, received very early Thursday morning, Pacific time:

On Wednesday morning (June 14) we left Mariupol for the nine-hour bus ride to a countryside resort near the city of Kramatorsk. Imagine three large buses and at least 3-4 Sprinter vans caravanning down the road. 

What should have been a trip of just a few hours took us much longer so we could avoid the city of Donetsk, the main conflict area with Russia, plus navigating poor roads.  Still, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and had no problems with our transportation or at the several security checkpoints.
Driving by an old building

Summer days
We finally arrived near Donetsk at ADRA Ukraine offices for our lunch at about 5:30 pm. Would that be called "lupper"?  😉


Paul Johnson partaking of the traditional bread greeting that we all took a chunk of. That is salt on the top of the bread to dip in.

After lunch, we had yet another one-hour drive to the resort. It is surrounded by natural beauty and very relaxing here!

 One of the many cottages they have us in.

Huge pool that many of the guys played in on our arrival. The water is low 70s, so not too warm.

Cristi and Vlad from Romania enjoying Thursday morning sunshine!!

Most of today has been a rest day. We visited this monastery. Amazing views and so picturesque.

 This church is all wood.

View of Ukraine from the top of the hill.

This evening (Thursday, June 15) we have a concert in Kramatorsk, which is quite near the conflict zone. And then Friday we drive all the way back to Kiev.

We are feeling your many prayers here for all of us. Thank you so much! God is working in His amazing ways and I can't wait for Heaven to hear all the many stories of how this tour impacted people for His kingdom.

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