Friday, June 2, 2017

Groups Begin Arriving in Romania

In Istanbul, heading toward the flight for the last leg to Romania.
Bill Gosse, Vladimir, Bert Logan

 The morning of June 2, Bert Logan writes:

My group made it safely to Romania.

However the last group of 6-8 people have been delayed a couple of hours. Here is the info from Denny Nutter:

"After a flight delay in PDX, we successfully arrived in Copenhagen, just in time to board the KLM plane for Bucharest. After we all settled in to our seats and waited for 30 minutes, they announced that the plane needed a repair. So we are deplaning and have at least two hours wait before we before we reboard for Bucharest."

So we (Bert's group) wait at Bucharest airport until they arrive. Our bus is here and then a six-hour drive to Iasi, which means we will arrive there around 9-10 pm Friday night (Romania time, which means they likely have recently arrived, as of this posting).

See a few more pictures on our Facebook page: 

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