Sunday, June 4, 2017

Road Trip to Kiev

We received Sunday evening, Pacific Time, a report from Bert Logan of the Sunday drive between Iasi and Kiev. He sent the report Monday morning, Kiev time.

Good Monday morning!

Sunday was such a great travel adventure at 15 hours long from the time we left Iasi, Romania, until the time we pulled up to the SDA seminary in Bucha, outside of Kiev, Ukraine.

Ben Purvis and David Schmidt as we left the excellent Little Texas in Iasi.
Two main reasons the journey took so long:  passport and customs control out of Romania, and entering Moldova to get them into Ukraine. Second reason is that the Moldovan roads were horrible and in many places we could only drive at 15 mph. There is no Interstate system that we saw in Moldova; only 2 lane roads. Ukraine seems a little better as the closer we got to a city we finally got in a freeway!!

A church driving through Moldovan countryside.

Ukrainian border crossing

Ukrainian border guard asked about our concert schedule and wanted to know if he could watch on the Internet.  Vladimir Meshcheryakov speaks his language, literally, and gave him an OAMC flyer and information. The guard self identified as a pagan, but seemed happy talking with Vladimir and our Romanian brother, Cristi, in the yellow shirt. They got to talking about the Bible and John 3:16!! Pray for this guard! Angelo, fellow Romanian singer in blue shirt, looks in.

Some of our bus riders both Americans and Romanians, many we met in 2009 and 2014.

Ukraine road scenery.

Sun starting to set after many hours on the road.

Time for a rest and pit stop. We took about three of those on Sundays journey.

Sights we saw in Moldova.

Our excellent bus drivers!!!

Finally there!! Offloading the bus after our 15 hour journey. What a wonderful experience it was and God was so good to us with safe border crossings and traveling mercies!!! We thank you for your prayers on our behalf!!  Arrived at Ukraine SDA seminary in Bucha, Ukraine.

View from my dorm room this early Monday morning. Sweet breeze, sunshine and birds singing outside to welcome us!

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