Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday update - God is good!

Bert Logan sent an update today - it's been an extraordinary day! The double-decker bus broke down. Fortunately, a pair of replacement buses arrived in a couple of hours. 

God is good! All the time!

We were on the side of the road for two hours while we waited for a new bus to pick us up to continue on our journey. We used the time to rest, pray, rehearse our music as well as to get to know our Ukrainian friends better.  Once it arrived we transferred all of our luggage and we were back on the road. We made it to the hotel in Dnipro in plenty of time to be at our 6 pm concert. Your prayers are very much being felt here and we are so grateful!

I found out an update on one of the men from the rehab group who attended our Friday night concert. In the photo above, the man second from right is the pastor who invited this group to our concert. The man on far right is part of the rehab group and I learned today from our Ukrainian brother that the pastor had been studying the Bible with these people. On Saturday, the man made a decision for baptism! Praise the Lord!

Another photo of same man, in blue shirt. Pray for him and God's continued guidance in his life.

Ukrainian friends waiting on our 'dead' bus. They are very nice people and some of them speak fairly good English.

Artyom and OAMC member Miguel di Francisco awaiting our bus to take us to this evenings concert.

Venue in Dnipro. A beautiful day and evening.

Roof ledge of concert hall.

One of our trombone players who is excellent! On our first day on the bus, he serenaded us with The Star Spangled Banner! Very welcoming.

Backstage this evening after prayer.

This is after the concert which was very well attended and so far our most enthusiastic audience. Several "bravos" were shouted out during the concert and I noticed one lady stood up waving her arms in excitement while we sang Battle Hymn of the Republic - His truth is marching on. On our final number, Prayer for the Ukraine, the audience stood and sang along with us.

The man second from left is from Madagascar, and has been a SDA pastor in Ukraine over 20 years! He brought church members to hear us sing and was very blessed, he said.

After the concert, they handed out spiritual literature in a Hope Channel bag that included a copy of Steps to Christ.

Panoramic shot of part of the city of Dnipro from our hotel this evening.

Lord, we thank You and praise Your name for Your kind mercy to us this day.  Thank You for protecting us today from harm.  We glorify Your name, Amen.

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