Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mariupol Concert overflows

Louise Craig sent this report received Tuesday morning:

Mariupol church members made us feel welcomed

Today's concert at Mariupol is overfull. The house managers locked the doors to keep people out. Those who were able to get in are sitting on the floor as there are no seats left. Audience response has been robust.

As we walked to the concert hall entrance we saw several bands from different military branches. Not sure if it is related, but today Ukraine celebrates what they see as the first step to entry into the European Union. As of today Ukrainians no longer need visas to go to EU countries. They are quite excited.

We were near Crimea on our way here. We had to pass through several security checkpoints. They just waved the convoy through after talking to the first vehicle.

Tomorrow we go about 40 miles of the current conflict zone. The checkpoints may be more serious. We shall see.

We don't expect problems but ask for your continued prayers.

We could not ask for more gracious welcome! The church here fed us lunch, provided snacks before the concert. After the concert they are feeding us supper.

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