Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Touristing in Kiev

Bert Logan wrote on Tuesday, June 6:

It's been a blessed day here in Bucha (the village outside Kiev where the SDA seminary is located and the group is staying). After a tasty, healthy breakfast, we had worship given by Ray Ammon. 

We then took the bus into Kiev, about a 30-minute drive. We spent most of the day sightseeing there and enjoyed the hot summer weather!!

Poster found advertising our concerts

The young man on the right is a local Ukrainian who is one of our excellent translators. The young man on left is Samuel, one of the Romanians who is 18 years old and so excited to travel with all of us. It's his first trip out of Romania.

The Motherland Monument (Ukrainian: Батьківщина-Мати, Russian: Родина-мать) is a monumental statue in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The sculpture is a part of the Museum of The History of Ukraine in World War II, Kiev. The stainless steel statue stands 62 m (203 ft) tall upon the museum building with the overall structure measuring 102 m (335 ft) and weighing 560 tons. The sword in the statue's right hand is 16 m (52 ft) long weighing 9 tons, with the left hand holding up a 13 by 8 m (43 by 26 ft) shield with the State Emblem of the Soviet Union.

Our tour guide, Heather, who is very knowledgeable.

Part of the Kiev skyline in the distance

National Opera Of Ukraine

Bert and Robert Stafford enjoying some rest and fellowship this afternoon at our hotel

Moonrise over Bucha after our evening rehearsal. 

We were told today that there will be 55 Ukrainian singers joining the Americans and Romanians starting Wednesday morning for the rest of the tour!! Hallelujah!!

Local currency which is about $19 US dollars. The exchange rate is definitely in our favor.

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