Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday is full day rehearsal with nearly full chorus

Bert Logan sent this report on Wednesday, June 7, in the morning, Pacific Time, and at the end of their day in Ukraine. Bert wrote: 

It's been a long day, and we are all happily tired after a full day of rehearsals with most of the Ukrainians arriving as well as a full orchestra!!

This building houses the cafeteria where we've been enjoying quite delicious and very healthy meals. We also have had a couple of rehearsals in this building. There are about 500 students who attend this college when in session.

On campus near the cafeteria entrance.

This Ukrainian keyboard is one of the tools being used to communicate with the Ukrainians; messages are shown on a screen to see. Whatever language is being spoken has to then be translated into two additional languages, so many tongues are being spoken here!

Preparing to start our first rehearsal as one choir minus the orchestra. They came in the afternoon to join the chorus.

Gymnasium where we rehearsed today.

The lunch line.

Borsch, potatoes and other wonderful delectables!

Final rehearsal of the day with full orchestra and chorus. It seems so wonderful that it's all coming together after many years of planning and prayers. There were a lot of smiles all around and grateful hearts to God for allowing this tour to come to fulfillment.

We go to bed tonight humming Battle Hymn of the Republic for His truth IS marching on!!

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