Sunday, June 11, 2017

Louise Craig sent this note Sunday, June 11:

Having an adventure in Ukraine. We just did our third concert in three nights. 

We started with registration and rehearsals last Monday (June 5) at Bucha, then hit the road Friday morning. It's been run, run, run from the start. 

Today (Sunday) our bus blew the engine. Truly. We are traveling in a convoy of three buses and a couple of minivans. The bus and minivan behind us were sprayed with black oil. The back of our white bus is black. We waited about an hour for two smaller buses to arrive to continue our trip. 

As we waited, we had a real treat. Some of the Ukrainians began singing. As they worked their way through songs unique to Ukraine, we felt a kinship though we didn't understand their words. When we finally arrived in Dnietropetrovsk, we learned that the other bus carrying choir members had a broken door. Replacement buses will be here sometime this evening.

It's all part of the adventure.

It's all worth it as we see audiences respond and friendships bloom among people who barely know a word or two of the other's language. If only the more people could learn we are more alike than we are different.

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