Thursday, June 1, 2017

Group Travels through DC, Request Prayer for Marlene W.

Lanier Watson (L) and Vladimir waiting in the security line at the airport in Washington, DC.
OAMC member Bert Logan reported Thursday morning from Washington DC as their group of five - Lanier and Marlene Watson, Bill Gosse, Vladimir, and Bert - was waiting to go through security. They boarded their flight for Turkey, then on to Bucharest, Romania, to join the Romanian Adventist Men's Chorus in concert this Sabbath. The concert commemorates the birth of the Reformation 500 years ago this year.

Bert requested prayer for Marlene, as the was experiencing so much leg and groin pain she needed a wheelchair. By the time they boarded, Bert reported Marlene was feeling better.

Please continue to keep this traveling group, and especially Marlene, in your prayers.

Bert Logan, Lanier & Marlene Watson, Bill Gosse, Vladimir ready to board their flight to Turkey Thursday morning.

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