Monday, June 5, 2017

To Kiev by Air

Denny Nutter reports for three who traveled by air Monday morning from Iasi to Bucharest to Kiev:

Bob Cotterman says goodby to Little Texas
Travel varied for OAMC members as they made their way to Kiev, to prepare for the 10-concert tour of Ukraine. Some arrived by bus, others by air from other places in Europe, or the United States.

Sunrise over Iasi
The Cottermans and Denny enjoyed a rest day on Sunday in Iasi, Romania, (while others traveled by bus) and woke up early this morning (Monday) to a beautiful sunrise over the city.

Denny, accompanied by Bob, took a taxi to the Palas Shopping Mall to pick up a couple of new white shirts to replace the ones he left hanging in his closet at home (in the USA)!

Then it was time to turn our "hellos" to Little Texas into "goodbyes," as we took another taxi to the airport to fly back to Bucharest on Blue Air.

With heightened security since the events in Europe over the last couple of weeks, Trudi had to put on cute little blue slippers to finish her trip thru Security in Bucharest, where the wand discovered the 4.5 inch titanium screw in Denny's pelvis, and they made Bob go into a private closet where he was asked to remove his prosthetic leg so they could send it thru the scanner. That happened to him twice today in both Isai and Bucharest!

With little sleep, a healthy sense of humor helps. We couldn't help but chuckle as we read the front of the paper bags in the seat backs on Blue Air, and spotted an airline in Bucharest that we weren't acquainted with prior to this trip -- Wizzair! And did the name of the airline we were boarding in Bucharest for Kiev really translate to mean "fear of flying?" Well, it did say "something" phobia didn't it?

Is that "phobia" in the name?
But, as we looked out the window as we were preparing to land in Kiev, the sky seemed to reveal God's love shining down on Ukraine and her people as if he was showing us that he was preparing hearts and lives for his love, hope, and encouragement through our music in the war-torn areas of Eastern Ukraine.

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