Thursday, June 1, 2017

News from Travelers, Prayers Requested

From Louise Craig, OAMC executive director, in Amsterdam, Wednesday, May 31
Our members are traveling in various groupings.
The Tilleys (Ron & Rhonda) and the Schmidts (David & Donna) arrived in Amsterdam this (Wednesday) afternoon, sleep deprived but glad to be on the ground.

Their flights (different flights from different cities) were delayed 3+ hours. The Tilleys' flight out of Seattle was held up by fog. Schmidts were stuck in Denver because of mechanical problems. One would not want to take off if there are mechanical difficulties on the plane. So they arrived in the afternoon instead of early morning.

So glad I (Louise) came a day early. I have some semblance of rest.

PRAYERS NEEDED! Thanks, everyone, for praying for this project. Your prayers are still needed. We heard today that there is an air traffic controller strike in Romania, so those going to Romania may face some challenges. We are praying that they will settle their dispute before any of us arrive.

The week before we left, God resolved a big problem with an even bigger miracle. We are looking forward to watching Him continue to amaze us. He is several steps ahead of us with answers to problems we have not yet heard about, but we are trusting every step.

Blessings from Amsterdam,

Louise, David & Donna, Ron & Rhonda

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