Sunday, June 4, 2017

Iasi Concert Day is a Busy, Satisfying Day

Denny Nutter shared this report about the Sabbath, June 3, concert day:

Riser set-up on stage, preparing for morning rehearsal, Sabbath, June 3

Sleepy Americans try to recover from jet lag on Reunion Concert Day, some more successful than others. Ron Oliver stated that he didn't even realize he had drifted off while singing during the concert until his Romanian neighbor turned the page on him.

Breakfast at Little Texas

It was a busy day starting with breakfast at the Little Texas outdoor restaurant, then shuttle to the concert hall for stage setup, sorting songs for concert order. and rehearsal. During the morning rehearsal, Steve Chapman, Bob and Trudi Cotterman, Ron & Virginia Oliver, and Denny Nutter, all received word that their lost luggage had arrived at the airport. After a lengthy process, they were able to obtain their luggage later that afternoon just in time to change into concert attire for the 5 pm concert.

One of the bunkhouses at the Little Texas Inn

Little Texas Restaurant Garden

Lunch followed morning rehearsal at Alin's sister's restaurant with a beautiful buffet spread.

Remnants of lunch
After lunch, the combined chorus had their first opportunity to practice with the orchestra, with about a 15 minute break before the concert started at 5:00 p.m. God blessed despite some Americans reading Romanian for the first time for certain songs, or attempting to keep from dozing off while standing! Thank you, Alin and Ben! Terrific job!

Afternoon rehearsal with the orchestra before the concert
Sunday is a travel day for most to Ukraine.

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