Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Miracle concert in Mariupol

Bert Logan sent this perspective on the Mariupol Concert that was held Tuesday evening:

Yesterday (Tuesday), we drove several hours toward the east near Russia and where the conflict is.

By God's grace, we drove through the many security checkpoints that were guarded by armed soldiers. Prior to leaving that morning, we were told to be prepared to show our passports to the soldiers, but we were not once inspected nor asked to show our passports. Praise the Lord!

We were greeted in the city of Mariupol by the local SDA church members, who worship in what used to be a Jewish synagogue. The members greeted us on the sidewalk with huge "Welcome" signs and with hearty handshakes and smiles. And then they treated us to a wonderful lunch.

Lev and Victor (the Ukrainian Ministerial Director for the Union in Kiev) told us after the concert in Mauripol that God performed a miracle last night. 

When the mayor of the city found out that a Christian men's choir was going to perform at this hall, she was very unhappy! In retaliation she arranged for the third anniversary of their military parade to go right in front of the concert hall, hoping that people would not attend our concert.  

But God over ruled. Not only was the hall completely full, the fire marshal had to turn away an additional 250 people!

God really blessed and the audience responded heartily. 

Actually, this has been the response at every city we have been to this far. It seems that there is a spiritual longing and that the people are being blessed by our music.

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